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What Does the House Edge Really Mean?

The casino’s margin is the best way to think of the house edge. Due to the inherent mathematics of each game, the casino will generate money over the long term regardless of how many players win a game in the near term.

As an illustration, the house advantage in an American Roulette game is typically 5.26%. Accordingly, no matter what you do, the casino will almost certainly have a higher probability of winning than you will. Even with the best methods, systems, and cheats, the house will still prevail 5.26% of the time.

Does this mean the casino is cheating? No – it’s widely available information for anyone who cares to take the time to research. Online casinos often publish their game payouts directly on their websites, letting all players know what edge each game has.

If you’re still having trouble understanding, let me explain as follows: If you wager $100 on an American Roulette game, it’s likely that the casino will make a profit of $5.26. Even if you succeed that particular evening, the casino will outperform most other players by taking 5.26% from them.

When there are enough people seated at the tables, it becomes clear why casinos are so profitable. It is comparable to the set price that casinos charge to play their games.

How did you suppose the casino could afford to pay all those live dealers, operate its websites using cutting-edge encryption, give out prizes totaling tens of thousands of dollars, and purchase the owner a new Mercedes every year? You now understand that the house edge is at work.

Does Every Casino Have the Same House Edge?

At the majority of physical and online casinos, there are averages that can be anticipated. Returning to the American Roulette example, whether you play in Macau or Las Vegas, you can anticipate the house edge to be around 5.26%.

At the majority of physical and online casinos, there are averages that can be anticipated. Returning to the American Roulette example, whether you play in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you can anticipate the house edge to be around 5.26%.

There are a few things that affect this, though.

It is common knowledge that some casino software providers have different house edge percentages integrated into their games. These variations will be insignificant, but a variation of 0.05% over a sufficiently long period of time can add up to enormous sums of money.

What are lowest house edge games?


In baccarat, the sort of bet you place has a significant impact on the house edge. In player bets, the house has a 1.24% advantage, in banker bets, the house has a 1.06% advantage, and in tie bets, the house has a 14.36% advantage.


There is a reason why so many players engage in professional or regular blackjack gambling with the intention of profiting. It has a very small home advantage.

For regular blackjack strategy we strongly recommend our guide: Blackjack Basic Strategy

The house advantage, assuming you’re playing a typical blackjack game with standard Vegas rules, is 0.28%. In the long run, the casino still has an advantage, but using the best blackjack technique, you can win any given night.

Only way to beat the house is to use Blackjack’s Hi-Lo Card Counting System


Craps is without a doubt one of the casino’s most thrilling games. When you’re having a good run, your money can grow quickly. Your chances of winning, however, can be significantly impacted by the type of wager you place.

Craps wagers come in a variety of styles. Visit our dedicated craps section to find out more about each one and the different house advantages. Let’s just state that the range is 0% (odds bets) to 16.67% in this instance (sevens).


Do not forget that there are two popular variations of roulette: American, European and French.

The arithmetic behind roulette games won’t change no matter which roulette systems and techniques you choose. Over time, American varieties will gain 5.26%, while European variants will gain 2.7% and French is 1.35%.

We strongly advice to use different kind of Roulette Systems

Video Slots

Slot machines don’t come in “standard” configurations. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, each with its own features, jackpots, and pay tables.

When it comes to slots, doing your homework pays well. The house advantage varies with game, from 2% to 15%.

Video Poker

We now move on to the game that players who are familiar with casino game math and house edge choose to play.

When played perfectly, some video poker variations provide you the advantage.

As an illustration, if you employ the best strategy when playing full-pay Deuces Wild, the house edge will be -0.76%. Because of this, you have the advantage, and the casino is counting on you to make a mistake with your plan.

No matter how well-honed your method is, there are other forms of video poker that don’t provide you an advantage. A game like Jacks or Better is an illustration of this. A house edge of 0.54% is the best you can expect for in this situation.

Whatever perspective you take, video poker is the ideal game to play if you want to win money at casinos. But learning video poker strategy does take time and effort.

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