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The core element of gambling is randomness. Players in a game of chance depend on luck or unpredictability to determine the result of the game.

The outcome of a card flip, dice roll, or roulette wheel spin in a physical casino is always determined by chance. Mostly, that is. Brick and mortar casinos weren’t always renowned for having fair games. For instance, it is a problem that some formulas are known to be more accurate at predicting dice rolls.

Players want to feel confident in the casinos and games they select. Players want to learn that they have a chance of winning by starting a game because the result is unpredictable. In online casino games, the random number generation algorithm, or RNG, ensures fairness and objectivity. It’s a ground-breaking system that has really promoted fair play.

RNG – What it means

The abbreviation RNG stands for “random number generator” or “random number generation,” as you might have guessed. RNG, or random number generator, is essentially what is meant when discussing online casino games.

How are random numbers related to online gaming? It is fairly obvious. In online gambling, random numbers are utilized to decide a game round’s outcome and, consequently, what the slot machine wheels display.

RNG & Live Dealer

RNG is not just the abbreviation for the algorithm used in random number generator games (often slots). RNG games can be used as a general phrase to refer to all games of chance. On the other end of the scale, we frequently differentiate Live Dealer games, where randomization is not set by software in the traditional sense.

Live dealer games provide a real-world casino environment and human interaction. A human croupier deals the cards, throws the dice, and spins the roulette wheel in what is effectively a stream.

The Live Dealer experience is very similar to visiting a physical casino, and not simply because of the setting’s genuine feel. A round’s outcome also depends on how the dealers deal cards or spin the wheel.

RNG technologies, which use a vector of random numbers, are what fuel RNG-based games.

Most obviously, think of slot machines. When a player clicks a button, an algorithm creates a succession of pictures that either add up to a win or don’t add up to a win and display on the slot machine reels. In contrast to live dealer games, which need player engagement, there are other game genres that rely on random number generation, such as video poker, table games and casual games.

The mechanics are the key area of distinction. Live Dealer games rely more on human interaction than RNG-based games do, even though both types of games involve technology.

Who uses RNG?

Game developers are the main users of RNGs. Developers of game material must make every effort to provide complete openness in their offerings. Their main objective is to demonstrate that the game is completely impartial and does not favor any one side over another.

RNG is essentially an algorithm that is included into the game. On a distant gaming server run by the game provider or a third party and housing the game files and algorithm. Once there, it is impossible to affect the RNG.

RNG is not completely RTP

RNG and RTP are related ideas that are frequently confused with one another.

RNG is a system that generates limitless strings of random numbers, as we have already mentioned. The percentage of wagers that are paid out as winnings is measured by return-to-player (RTP). Even so, winning is not assured; the RTP just serves as a proxy for the possibility that each game will pay out.

There has always been a connection between RNG and RTP in game creation. A provider chooses the RTP range or target for the game before designing the RNG algorithm. The RNG software is only then set up so that, over the long term (at least over 1,000 game rounds), the theoretical RTP will match the desired RTP.

Although they coexist, two concepts each pertain to a distinct idea. RTP assesses how well the operator has executed this plan, while RNG maintains the casino’s integrity and the security of its customers.

Trusting the math

Without random number generators, it is impossible to play online games of chance. In fact, a piece of code does the actual dealing instead of the players seeing the dealer shuffle the deck or throw the dice.

No matter what kind of RNG a brand uses, operators can continue to add unpredictable, ethical, and secure games to their library, elevating RNG compliance to the status of the industry’s highest standard.

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