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The Fibonacci System – A Low-Risk Strategy for Roulette

In comparison to steep progressive methods like Martingale, Fibonacci is one of the most accurate roulette strategies. In spite of its overall safety, you can still make a lot of money using the Fibonacci system.

However, the increase in the stake is not as large as other progressive betting systems.

The Fibonacci Sequence

It uses Fibonacci numbers – a sequence where the next number equals the sum of the previous two, starting with 1. Rather than trying to explain the Fibonacci sequence in words, we will show you how it looks in reality.

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987

In mathematics and science, this sequence is virtually endless. It can even be found in nature, like in the bees’ family tree.

For the purpose of betting on roulette, you are not required to start at 1. As long as you follow the logic of the sequence, you can begin with any bet you like. Starting with the lowest possible bet is recommended when testing out strategies like this one.

System Functions

Fibonacci is used exclusively on even-money bets – Odd/Even, Black/Red, and 1-18/19-36, which all have about a 50% chance of winning.

You should not use it for inside bets because you may end up losing. The sequence determines how much you should bet on each session. You start with 1 and work through the number sequence until you win a bet.

As you have probably noticed, this isn’t the best way to play – you only make money if you win the first bet. If you win the second or third bet, you are even, and everything else is a loss that gets bigger and bigger as you go along. The method is more than this, don’t worry.

You can start the sequence again if you win on the first bet. You can, however, move back two numbers in the sequence and bet that amount if you are farther down the line. You continue in this manner until you reach the beginning of the sequence and you are at a profit. The following is an example of what 10 spins would look like using the Fibonacci system.

We ended up making a profit in the example, even though we only managed 7 losses and 3 wins. Although this strategy may seem similar to the Martingale strategy, consider that if we were on a four-game losing streak, we would be down $31, and if we won the fifth game, we would only be up $1. The Fibonacci betting system is definitely safer.

The Flaws Within the System

However, despite appearing promising, the Fibonacci strategy is no different than any other roulette strategy in the long run. Then again, why would it work? This is just a sequence of numbers that tells you how much to bet. The game continues as usual, with the same odds and no arcane information.

It is important to realize that the house edge remains untouched. It will take a significant amount of luck to recover from a big losing run, which can’t be prevented. Additionally, the casino advantage always prevails in the long run, so even if you use this relatively safe strategy, you will lose money

Additionally, like other progressive betting systems, you must pay attention to the maximum bet on the table you’re at. The maximum table limit on many online casino sites is £100 – and the closest thing we have to Fibonacci’s sequence is 89. The system has no further use after number 89 – at least not for this table. If you fail to win when betting 89, you are stuck.

The lack of funds may prevent you from implementing the strategy. The numbers grow significantly after a certain point. A massive loss will result if you cannot cover the next bet in the sequence and lose the current one.

Fibonacci Is Safe, But It Won’t Win You a Lot

Fibonacci is one of the better systems out there at the end of the day. It’s pretty straightforward (although you should write down the sequence and your current location), allows you to place small bets, and even allows you to win a moderate amount of money. But don’t be fooled – it’s not a way to beat the game.

Although it looks cool and is fun to play, we wouldn’t recommend using it instead of the best roulette systems. In games like this, the house always has the advantage, and no mathematical principle can defeat it. A Fibonacci sequence, by the way, was invented to determine how quickly rabbits breed. What a coincidence that it made its way into gambling – it makes sense why it doesn’t work.

You can find out about other strategies + of their pros and cons over here.

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